Apr 27, 2012

Our future?

It's been a long time.  Today I just want to post something about what's been on my my mind for the last 7 months.  Cory was let go from Franklin Covey in September and has been looking for a job ever since.  I've gone back to work more hours and between that, unemployment, selling stocks, using our savings, and a tax refund, we seem to be - miraculously - making it.  At least financially.

But the last 7 months have been a huge emotional and mental stress.  What does the future hold for our family?  What's next?  As time goes on I question, is anything next?  Seems like this is a never ending trial.  We are getting too accustomed to our current arrangement - by necessity - but none of us are happy.  It's awful.

Years ago I learned about a career in the Foreign Service from a friend at work.  When I heard about it, I knew instantly that Cory would L-O-V-E it.  I told him about it then, but due to graduate school, his job, lack of inertia, whatever, it didn't go any further.  It just sounded very interesting at the time.

In September, when Cory's job was ending, he figured, what the heck, I'll take the Foreign Service Officer Exam.  It's a hard test that many people study many months for.  He took it in October and passed.  He was invited to the next step of the qualification process, which was to submit 10 personal narratives about his work experience, philosophy, etc.  This was due in November and sure enough, in February, we found out he passed.  Then it was on to Washington D.C. in March for a day long interview/oral assessment with a panel of judges.  Sure enough, he passed this too.

So what started as an appealing thought, then a whim, then a possibility, is now a very distinct reality for Cory and our family.  I can't believe it.  This very well could be our future.  We are undergoing security and medical clearance at the moment, which could take who knows how much longer.  If we all pass (yes, all, including our kids ;) Cory will be put on the Foreign Service register and wait for his call to a training class.  The very earliest this would happen is September.  We would ship off to Washington DC and after a period of months, we would move to live somewhere else in the big wide world.  My husband, a diplomat.  Me, a lost wife raising a family all over the world.  Did I already say I can't believe this is happening?

Many people have wondered and questioned and asked me about it.  If you are curious, here is a good summary: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Foreign_Service.

So, dear friend and reader, this is your job:  if we move away, if our life changes dramatically in this way, you will now have a FREE place to stay when you visit us in one of 256 exciting and exotic locations around the world!  It will be a new place every 2-5 years so now you will have a vacation to look forward to every 2-5 years!  Start saving your frequent flyer miles because I'm going to need a steady stream of visitors to get me through!  I am serious.  I don't care if you were once my worst enemy or we are just "hi" friends - it won't matter - I will want/need you to visit! 

And between now and then, please forgive me if you see me periodically sucking my thumb or crawled up into the fetal position.  I'm doing my best.