Nov 1, 2011


Random snapshots up the canyon after professional family pictures.

Tommy as Charlie Brown.

The Rodeo Queen. I KNEW those sparkly Vocal Ensemble earrings would come in handy one day!

Trick-R-Treating with Abby and Hallie

Popeye and Olive Oil. Cory looks great! He even won an award at the costume party! When choosing my costume I forgot one important detail: Olive Oil looks like a broom with a head. My body is not-so-broom-like. Oh well, when it's Halloween I've seen people proudly prance around in stuff that they will regret (when they sober up). At least I can say, "I am wearing this and I don't even drink."

Happy Halloween!!!

Night night.


Anna said...

Great photos! You look amazing as Olive Oil - and I love that you recycled the Vocal Ensemble earrings. I also love Tommy as Charlie Brown...what a cute idea!

Mark and Bethany said...

You guys look great! I have been waiting so long to see Tommy in a Charlie Brown outfit. Thanks for satisfying me. Now I want to see him in a marshmallo puff man outfit. I wish I could hold that little guy right now and have him give me one of his cute smiles. You are lucky you used Halloween to recycle your earrings. I accidentally recycled my concert choir ones on my wedding day. So sad. :(

Marianne said...

I loved the fall pictures of you guys! The first one is SO cute and shows how much Mollie loves her little bro Bubbers...but I think he needed the Charlie Brown curl in that pic too! I'm glad I got to see the Rodeo Queen parading with her horse at Beacon Heights as well. Priceless!!

Katie Jane said...

You are so funny. I loved the "i wasn't drunk" comment. as for Charlie? I am going to have to call him that now. It fits too well. Fun to see the three girls in their get-ups. They looked so cute!