Sep 10, 2011

How I Roll

Another mass update from me. I can't even imagine that I once had time to nurture this blog. I would actually sit and think of clever things to say. I would futz around with getting the pictures just right. It was a labor of love. Now I barely have time to throw things on it. That's how my life is these days. It's how I roll. And that is why I can never have a pet.

Here is a picture of Grandpa Brad with two of his grandsons. We were all excited to take a picture of this cause Tommy and Josh are wearing matching outfits. I have to tell you that because from this picture you would never know that they were wearing matching outfits. Grandpa Brad looks like he has been wrestling two little boys and is gritting his teeth for this to be over. And that is how it really did roll.

Mollie is learning to ride a two-wheeler. This is her old bike, she got a new one for her birthday. We had to get a classic "dad teaching daughter to ride a bike" pic. She is almost ready to roll on her own.

I love these two handsome rollers. We had a nice picnic at Liberty Park in August.

The sole reason for including this pic is to highlight Tommy's roly-poly legs. They are like squishy marshmallows. YUM!

Butterfly in the sky!

After a nice night at Liberty Park

It's been a tricky month for us. Cory lost his job due to restructuring at Franklin Covey and totalled his car in the same week. We are so grateful to Kim and Rob who are lending us their scooter in the meantime! Mollie and Cory go on nightly rides together. I think Mollie's pink cowgirl boots make this picture perfect.

Mollie turned 5 and wanted a Mermaid costume for her birthday REALLY bad. She got the crown and the shoes too! See all of those sequins? They are ALL OVER MY house now! I even found one in Tommy's diaper.

Perfect cake for a 5 year celebration!

Tommy is 5 1/2 months in this pic and just about ready to crawl. He gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth and then lunges. He is ready to roll!

I neve realized before I had two kids how they would bond with each other. Even with a 4 1/2 year difference in age. Tommy smiles and laughs at Molie like no one else. Mollie loves to talk and ready stories to Tom. It's the best! They love each other a lot.

Mollie started kindergarten on August 31. She was so excited! I was so sad! We live far enough away to ride the bus and she wanted to do it the first day. So I sent her on the bus and then followed the bus in my car because I just. couldn't. let. go. yet.

Here are three of her sweet ward friends who are in her class: Quinn, Grace, and Emily

I didn't know that there was a bus stop at the top of our street, so I was waiting another street over for Mollie to get off the bus after school. Mollie, being kind of smarter than her mom, saw our street and just hopped off and walked to our house. She went in the back door and finding me not home, sat on the porch until the mailman walked by. He found her crying and wondering if her mom was "dead." He called the school and waited with her until I got home. In the meantime, I met her bus at another stop, saw all the other cute kids get off and pretty much wet my pants when there was no Mollie. I walked to her friends house and Mollie wasn't there either. Thanks to my friend lending me her car and watching Tommy, I sped home to find Mollie and we were reunited. Now that it's over and I have officially written it down, I can never talk about this again!

We went to Lake Powell with some friends over Labor Day and had a great time. Mollie went waterskiing for the first time and got up on skiis! Cory and I were on the houseboat and watched the boat go by with a little blonde speck on the horizon. It was Mollie holding a rope with one hand and waving with the other. Oh, how I wish I had my camera! It was darling - thanks to our friend Tim for teaching her how!

Cory let Mollie and some of the girls cover him with mud. Eeww.

Tommy got buried in the sand.

I love this picture because it says so much. There were 14 little kids on this trip and Tommy was the youngest. He pretty much got mauled by all of them. At first he was Mr. Friendly, but by the end of the trip, when a kid came within 5 feet, he screamed like a monkey. Here he is getting buried in the sand and by the look on his face...well, you can guess what he is thinking.


And finally, the vegetable stand. Our garden has been great this year and Mollie and Cory got this big idea to have a vegetable stand. I don't know if Cory or Mollie was more excited. Cory was worried that he'd have enough vegetables ("Julie, what if someone wants kale? I don't have any kale!") Utimately, it was Mollie's project so she and I spent an afternoon this week trying to sell vegetables. We put a sign out on Parley's Way and set up this table in our yard. We only had one customer, Grandma Mary. She paid for some vegetables and Mollie gave her change. I think Grandma Mary actually made money on the deal ;) Mollie was so excited and every time a car would drive by she would get things all ready: open and close her cash register a few times, sift through the tomatoes, sit up a little taller in her chair. Unfortunately, our neighbors only waved and smiled and kept on going. Mollie took it okay when I decided to be her customer and spend $5 on three grape tomatoes and a zuchinni. But seriously people! Are your hearts made of stone? Did you not notice a cute little kid smiling for all she was worth? She was working so hard and trying so hard it about broke my heart. I vow to NEVER drive by a lemonade stand again without buying something, circling back and buying a second round. Heartless, cruel world! I would buy anything from this cute thing! She was okay though and had fun, so I guess that counts as success!

And that brings us up to date.


Brandon & Jamie said...

That was an emotional post! I laughed hard and had my heart strings tugged at. Sweet little Molly and her produce stand. I can't believe she is a kindergartener now! I almost feel like it was last year when I saw her in her cute little mermaid Halloween costume.
And your little guy is just so cute!

ang said...

I've been waiting for an update for a long time...and this one was even better than I expected! Fun to hear about the numerous things you've been up to! Miss ya!

Anna said...

I wish I had known about that vegetable stand...I would have loved to buy something from someone so cute (even if you didn't have kale!). Great photos and I can't belive how big Mollie is!

Emilee Wilson said...

I am so glad you posted this! It's fun to hear what you guys have been up to. So many adventures. Especially Mollie Waterskiing and waving. You are so funny to:).

Mark and Bethany said...

I love those marshmello puff man legs!!! Those are so adorable!!! I love that you found a gem in his diaper . ha ha. I didn't know you went to Lake Powell--and Mollie skied? That is awesome! I CANNOT believe Tommy is crawling! I guess he follows after Mollie--another genius baby. Such a great post!

Marianne said...

Mollie in her cowboy boots and helmet matching her dad's on the scooter. So cute! I loved it, and all of them except for Mollie on the bus. Such a scary story but I'm not even surprised at all that she saw her house and just walked home...she is The Mol. I loved seeing her get off at the corner last week. She was so excited with her little friend. Please tell her and Cory that the little tomatoes were delish...well worth the money I paid...or should I say made.

Natalie said...

I miss your cute family! Wow, how they are growing! kindergarten already! Sam's going to kindergarten next year and I'm not looking forward to it! I love the cute veggie stand- so sad no one stopped by :( Hope you are all doing well!

Katie Jane said...

LOVED THIS. where to start...loved Mollie leaning her head on Tommy. LOved hearing the story of the bus and the story of the vegetable stand. (I swear all mom's are watching from the window to see if ANYONE will buy SOMETHING from their excited child) and i had no ideas that you went to Lake Powell??? that looked so awesome. Love that picture of tommy being smothered. You are so funny.