Jul 7, 2011

Bee Dee and Bubbers

Nicknames are the best. Mollie is Bee Dee as in, "look at that tiny little bee dee baby!" and Tommy is Bubbers as in, "He's got the strong! He's so squishy! It's a good day to be a bubbers!" One day they will loathe this. I don't care. I could talk crazy baby talk all day long when I think of my little kiddles. I am pretty sure I will still want to do it when they are at least 20.

Here are some pics taken in June and July

Chillin like villians

Mollie's first soccer stint

Sleeping Beauties (sometimes we refer to them as Stinkin Beauties, too)

This kid is SO easy to smile. Once you make eye contact it's insta smile.

My favorites enjoying the swing at the cabin

Sharing a good laugh

Tommy's blessing day (July 3rd). Don't they both look so handsome?

Grandma Jackie with Bubbers. Lil cousin Zander is in the background.

Grandma Mary

Grandpa Brad. Tommy's middle name is Bradford after him.

Pretty strong kid. Already wants to sit up and getting pretty good at it, too. Is that head being held up by those cheeks? I am pretty sure they are.