Mar 30, 2011

Baby Tommy and other little people

Announcing Thomas Bradford Mulcock, born March 14th at 5:37 p.m! He weighed 8 lbs and was 20.5 inches long. Everything went as smooth as a baby's bottom. We are over the moon about his arrival!

Previously I posted some name options. Maybe you noticed that Thomas wasn't one of the options. It's funny how we came about settling on his name. Cory and I both made a top 5 list of our favorite names and Thomas was the only one we both had in common. We still weren't sure it was exactly right, though. Then, on a Sunday walk the day before I delivered, Cory mentioned that he would like to name our son after his best friend, Aaron. After finding out that Aaron's middle name was Thomas, we knew right away that we had found a perfect name match for our baby. Bradford is my dad's name and not having any sons, we thought it would be fun to honor him and give his grandson his name, too.

Here are some "day of" pictures of us and Thomas

We came home from the hospital on March 16th and had a note from Mollie's preschool that Mollie had been learning all about leprechauns and the preschool couldn't wait to hear what sneaky things the leprechauns would do at our house on March 17th (hint, hint to mom and dad). We couldn't let her down, even though we were pretty exhausted. Thanks to a great dad, THIS is what Mollie woke up to on March 17th. Those crazy leprechauns turned our house all topsy turvy. Even the toilet water was green! I love this one of Mollie just staring in disbelief at the crazy living room tent, overturned furniture, pile of green markers, green books and green crayons and her leprechaun drawing. Those sneaky leprechauns!

Speaking of little people, here are some new pictures of Tommy at 2 weeks (yesterday). I love this sweet boy of mine! Having two children has practically doubled the size of my heart. You can tell by the purple princess crown that big sister is going to take really good care of baby brother, too.
Why is time already going so quickly? I can't get enough.