Dec 12, 2010

Christmas Programs

It's so fun to have a child who is old enough to be in Christmas programs. We had two this week. One for Mollie's preschool, which was a program/parent interactive day and then our nativity program at the ward party.

It was so fun to go to preschool with Mollie for the day. When Mollie saw Cory and I come into the building, she was SO excited. I hope I remember the look on her face forever. We did lots of fun things together. Virginia Tanner Fine Arts always has a book for a theme and this year it was "Gingerbread Friends" by Jan Brett. We made gingerbread puppets (with a REAL gingerbread man) and Mollie gave us a puppet show, we wrote a story together about gingerbread friends, and we decorated a life-sized gingerbread house as a back-drop for the dance program she and her friends put on.

So excited to have us at preschool!

Coloring our puppets

The puppet show

Eating the props (Gingerbread Man: "I think I've lost my head!")

What should our gingerbread story be about?

Making candy to put on the gingerbread house

Family pic

The gingerbread house and Mollie in the door. She was the "dance leader" for the dances they did. She was also a candy cane.

Ride'em Mollie!

Having a great time swinging around.

Then our ward Christmas program came. Mollie was SO excited to be an angel.

Three angel friends: Quinn, Mary and Mollie

Mary and Mollie