Jun 27, 2010

Who are these children coming down, coming down?

..Like gentle rain from darkened skies....

How do I know, BY HEART, the lyrics to Saturday's Warrior, you ask? The music that I have sworn against since the time ten years ago when Cory started playing it to tease me? The music that I hate simply because once it's been introduced to your ears, it invades you head and lingers for about 3 weeks or more? Why?

Because I would do just about anything for Mollie, even if it causes me great distress and angst.

Mollie discovered the Saturday's Warrior CD amid our other CD's about a month ago. Since then it's been played non-stop in the house, the car, and even when the CD is not on, she sings all the words - she knows them all. Recently the primary president came over to film Mollie doing her favorite thing. That thing was dancing to Saturday's Warrior. I don't need to see the video, cause it happens every day at our house.

Speaking of performing, Mollie does that A LOT. When she sees a stage, or anything that might resemble a stage, she is there. This Thursday we went to the Art's Festival. One of the shows were two cowboys doing magic tricks with ropes and whips, etc. Before the cowboy could even ask for volunteers to help, Mollie's hand was in the air. Surprised by her willingness, the cowboy asked her to come on stage and help him. You might think a 3 year old would have stage fright. Nope. She was right there, doing her best to look "pretty" (I mean batting her eyelashes and all) and playing right along with the show. Oh, and she was doing all of this while wearing a green polo shirt and brown, yellow and orange polka dot pants. She fought hard to pick her outfit, I relented, and there she was standing there is mismatched clothes for all the city to see. Have you been to arts festival? Luckily, her clown outfit fit right in.

I often wonder, who is this child who came down, came down? Her ingenuity and spunk never cease to amaze me.

Here is Mollie pretending to be the Princess and the Pea - in a chicken suit, no less.

We hiked to Ensign Peak on Memorial Day. Mollie packed her "pack pack." Essential things such as a Hawaiian Lei, a stuffed buffalo, her baby, her baby's blanket, a few necklaces and a toy cat from Mexico were included. When we got to the top, she unpacked it all.

Here we are with Grandpa Larry

Overlooking the city, trying to spot our house.

Running through sprinklers.
Cowgirl minute (minute because that's how often she changes her costume)

Mollie made Dad a tie in primary for Father's Day. It was darling to see all the dads wear their ties to church. Cory's had a heart. She must know how much he likes hearts.
This isn't a great picture, but we have been working so hard on our yard this year. I should take some pics of Cory's square foot gardens in the back. There are still some improvements to make to our house, but we've come a long ways from where we started.
I like how there is a "glow" coming from the front door. That is there, of course, because of the harmonious, idylic lives we lead inside. I lie! I actually think it's the nuclear energy growing from the dirty dishes left too long in the sink. I think it's doing something to my head. I might be starting to like Saturday's Warrior. Better invest in a Hazmat suit. Or do the dishes. Hazmat suit it is.

Jun 9, 2010


I think that means, "save our ship."

What I would like it to mean is "support one's sag" or "save one's shape" or "I need help and there is no other acronym that means I need help." And today I am really counting on - no, praying - that my readers are women. You'll soon know why...

I just bought this swimsuit. I really, really like this swimsuit. I have been looking for a suit like this for a LONG time. It was the right price and they only had my size left. Do you believe in fate? I believe we were meant to be together.

BUT it doesn't fit me very well in one area. Two physics principles apply: volume and weight. I guess you could call me Chesty Sinclair or Bustie Larue. And curse you, gravity! I hope you catch my drift...

I am in love with this suit so my judgement might be a little clouded. I need opinions. Is it crazy to have a swimsuit tailored? Can it be tailored in the way I need it to be? Am I asking the impossible?

It's so hard to let go....