May 14, 2010

One for the Road

Whenever we are leaving Grandma Mary's house, Mollie asks for some chocolate chips "for the road." If she doesn't get a snack "for the road," a bit fit ensues. You'd think we lived eons away from Grandma's house. You'd think Mollie would starve in the FIVE minutes it took us to actually get home. Of course we live VERY close and she WON'T starve. But, nonetheless, it's chocolate chips or death.

All of that has nothing to do with this picture, other than I just updated the blog and forgot to include this last picture. I figure it's one "for the road" as I get off the computer today.

A little description. Mollie, as most kids her age, is fascinated with dressing up. This ensemble is part 2007 Halloween chicken costume, part Sunday tights, and part giraffe print slippers. She calls it "Jack-O-Lantern." Can't you just see this on the catwalk?
Another more traditional costume. Cinderella with the ever-popular napkin veil. Classic.
Fabulous, baby!

Two weeks

The last two weeks have been C R A Z Y F U N busy. These pictures are not in order that they happened, but you get the idea.

Cory's MBA graduation

The happiness speaks for itelf

Mollie's Spring Sing Preschool Program

Disneyland with the Thalmans

The parade watchers

Giving Lightening a Hug

The new Toy Story ride

The whole group

Princess Tiana

Mollie actually "bounced" over to visit Tigger. Pretty cute.


No one in our party could handle the tea cups except me and Mollie. She wanted to spin. I pretended to turn the wheel. We both thought we were spinning A LOT. Win-win.

Love this face filled with anticipation

Hmm. Giving the stink eye to someone or something

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Arriving at Disneyland!

"I think I see Disneyland!" from the bus. (It actually was that castle-looking hotel across the street.)

Waiting at the hotel to catch our ride to Disneyland.