Apr 17, 2010

One Dollar

It was our wedding anniversary yesterday! Lucky 13! In light of the fence that is going up in our backyard and some other expenses, we decided to go cheap on anniversary gifts this year. Really cheap. Almost pick-a-prize-from-the-gumball-machine cheap. Our budget: $1. Each.

It was actually pretty fun to think of what I could get Cory for a dollar. I settled on downloading a song from Itunes (which actually cost $1.29, but $0.29 over budget isn't too shabby).

Cory really out did me, however. After painstakingly scouring the dollar section at Target, he settled on this. I loved it.

What woman wouldn't want this? And what woman HAS this? I can hang it anywhere: my office, the kitchen, the bathroom, lie it over my body while sleeping so a certain 3 year old will let me sleep in. Genius, Cory. Simply genius. I think this $1 anniversay gift thing might just have to become a tradition. We had a good laugh.

Today Cory took Mollie skiing for the first time. What a great day to do it - it was warm and beautiful! Oh, and it was the very last day of the season at Park City Ski Resort, so it was a last ditch effort to take her this year, too. They skiied in short sleeves most of the day. Mollie did great. And her skiis! So CUTE. They were seriously no longer than my arm.

Is this a picture of a great dad, or what?! Cory and Mollie had a great time. Why didn't I ski, you ask? Cory had a season pass and Mollie - barely fitting into the smallest boot - was free. I decided my $60 day pass would be better spent at the outlets. So we divided and I conquered some great sales. I think it's safe to say it was a good day for all.

Apr 11, 2010

They Got Hitched!

This week has been a flurry of preparation for my sister, Emilee's, wedding. All of my sisters, husbands and their kids were in town for the celebrations: Emilee's temple endowment, receptions in Ogden and Salt Lake, wedding ceremony, and wedding luncheon. These are the kinds of times that glow in my memory bank. And now we have a new brother-in-law! Welcome to the fam, Matt!

Apr 3, 2010

Easter Fun