Mar 16, 2010

Deep Thoughts - Mormy Style

"Deep Thoughts" by Jack Handy. A classic. I think I had the whole book memorized in 9th grade. How could Jack's genius be duplicated? Maybe it has...

My friend introduced me to the most wonderful thing today. A blog that I consider a great Mormon version of Jack Handy's masterpiece. If you are in need of a really deep, satisfying laugh, this is just the thing for you. I chortled so hard today at work, I had to shut my office door because people walking by looked ready to give me CPR.

Rubber Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Mar 1, 2010

Shower Power

We have late church, which means Mollie usually gets her Sunday bath on Sunday morning. If things are running behind, we throw her in with me and she gets to take a shower instead. Well, yesterday, she decided that she was big enough to take a shower on her own. Really? Do you really? Are you sure? Yep, she was sure. No fear. She wanted to go for it. In so many ways she is SO UNLIKE me...I think I was afraid of the shower until at least 1o years old!

So she did it. Imagine a cute little three-year old body, lathering herself up, flipping her wet hair around, rubbing soap under her arms under the spray of the shower. She stayed in for at least 20 minutes all alone. I must admit I was skeptical, but she did a pretty darn good job washing herself. We peeked through the clear shower curtain a couple of times to check on her and it was simply ADORABLE. Clean as a whistle. No Irish Spring shower could have been better.

Speaking of Irish, I would like to officially hail the month of March! Usually I think of St. Patrick's day as a boring holiday, but this year will have special meaning. Cory will be done with his MBA by March 18! Sniff, sniff (with joy). Let's just say, in true Irish spirit, I will be doing a lot of kissing around that time.

So I say power to the little people: the cute little green guys who bring luck and joy in March, AND my darling little Mollie who harnessed her shower power this week. Better than a pot o'gold.