Feb 1, 2010

Picture Pages

"Picture Pages, Picture Pages, time to get your Picture Pages, Time to get your crayons, And your Pencils! Picture Pages, Picture Pages, Open up your Picture Pages, Time to let Bill Cosby do a Picture Page with you!"

Does anyone remember this show and it's catchy tune? I do. It was on PBS and it was boring. But the tune sure sticks. It's all I can dredge up right now, due to this condition I have been suffering from called writers block. Just can't seem to awaken the creative lobe of my brain. My "just make it through the winter" lobe is large-and-in-charge right now.

So, without any further adieu, here is our PICTURE PAGE of January:

Mollie and some of her fellow gymnasts

Dinosaur Museum with Addelyn and Caleb

Mollie's new "owl" room

Mollie doing Yoga with Wii Fit

Mollie couture in my black nylons.

Another Mollie fashion statement. She is getting "married." Her veil is a yellow napkin.

A weekend in Richfield sledding and four-wheeling. Here are two little mommies.

Cousin hug.

Everyone at our favorite eating place, Big Rock Candy Mountain

He's mean. He's lean. He's taking no prisoners.

Grandpa and two of the ladies

Dad and Mol

Mollie and Caleb. Hanging on for dear life.

The favorite uncle and the kids. For the record, the thing stuck in Mollie's mouth is a plastic mushroom. She is pretending she is a baby with a binki. Imagination knows no bounds.