Jan 6, 2010

Excuse my pessimism

Is it okay to not always be so cheery on a blog? Am I about to break all the rules? Please indulge me while I reminisce about what a difficult year 2009 was. I've just got to say how I am so excited for a fresh start in 2010!

Top 10 reasons why 2010 BETTER be better than 2009:

1. Not likely to need another $4000 transmission.
2. I've spent the last 20 months on a combination of steroids, breast cancer meds, and infertility treatments trying to get pregnant. Can you even imagine the raging hormones?! Goodbye! This year is going to be different (don't know how, but it will!)
3. Cory only has ONE more semester of school before he gets his MBA. Yes!
4. Because of #3 above, no one can raise tuition on us by 38% again!
4. Our last basement renter had a certain fondness for the "F" word, usually expressed as if his voice had sub-woofers. This year we are going to be a little more selective.
5. I planted a TON of bulbs this fall. Can't wait for them to pop-up in the spring!
6. We got our square-foot garden frames all ready to go. The seeds will go in at the first sign of spring! I can smell the fresh tomatoes already!
7. My sister Jenny and her husband will also be done with school and can move back to Utah. Mollie will get more cousins!
8. I am going to finally quit my job! (Don't hold me to that one, just wishful thinking!)
9. I am going to start running and not only that, start LOVING IT!
10. A new Target is being built out on 300 W. Dreams do come true.