Dec 24, 2009


I really don't know what "degregulation" means in political or economic terms, but what it means for me and this little old blog is that I am de-password-ifying it. Officially declassified.

Dec 17, 2009

The showstopper

Well, it happened. Our usually precocious, lover of the spotlight, Mollie, got stage fright last week at her preschool Christmas program.

I think it all started when I had to wake her up (never a good thing) to get her to the program on time. And having to put on a costume and cover up her frilly dress probably didn't help much. When her little class came out on stage, Mollie was not in line. After scanning the room, I saw her standing just off of the stage with a pouty face, arms crossed, and back turned. I could see the efforts of three teachers who seemed to be pulling out all the tricks you would typically see at a hostage negotiation. But she was not budging.

So Cory joined the negotiation efforts and eventually found himself standing at the edge of the stage, while Mollie sang along and clapped, in his arms. It was lame. Dear Mollie in 20 years: I didn't pay good money for your preschool every month to watch OTHER kids do cute thing on stage! Dear Mollie now: I love you and even though I was so steamed at you I could have lit candy canes on fire, you were still the cutest kid in the vicinity of the stage. Alright, the cutest kid in a 10 mile radius!

Stubborn one minute, wise-cracker the next. While I was working on something tonight, she presented herself to me in one of my sports bras and my jeans:

She was trying on my clothes, which was hilarious because, if you know me, you know that I am a far cry away from being able to wear a 3T. I asked Mollie how she got to be so funny and she said, "I wanted to scare you!" and then let out a ferocious lion's roar. Scaring me in my own jumbo clothes? Now that is sobering. So then I went to the gym.

End of story for a pretty fun day.