Sep 21, 2009

There is a First for Everything

This month has been hard for me. My little and only baby is doing all of these big girl things! SLOW DOWN, LIFE! Please! Why does it always have to be a green light? I like RED LIGHTS. I want to stay right where we are for a while longer. I want to linger, I want to make moments into days. I want to put the brakes on these things called motherhood and childhood!

Here's the girl slipping through my fingers. Does she look ready for preschool or what?

Bring it on, teacher!

First day of preschool. Check.
First ride in a carpool. Check.
First day of gymnastics. Check.
First invitation to a birthday party. Check.
First time logging on to the computer, without mom's knowledge, without mom's help. Check.

Today I wanted to read Mollie some stories to get her to settle in for "quiet time" which now substitutes for the nap that she refuses to take and SO desperately needs. She is no fool and she is on to me. When we talk about the onset of "quiet time," she runs away. So today after I fell semi-asleep on the bed "waiting for her", she ran into the computer room and turned on the computer. There is usually no threat to her doing this because there is a secret key AND a password to log on. A few minutes later, I peeked in on her and there she was, staring at the desktop wallpaper, trying to click on random icons with the mouse. Huh?

"Mollie, how did you get on the computer?"
"I pressed F1"
"After you pressed F1, what did you do?"
"I did, M-O-L-L-I-E" (which happens to be our password - don't pass this out to hackers, okay?)

SHEESH. Do they teach computer log-in lessons in preschool now? I never ceased to be amazed. Time to change the password to "toosmartforyourowngoodpleasegotoquiettimenow." That should stump her for the next 30 years. By then she'll be begging for quiet time. I know I am.