Aug 27, 2009


My little Mollie Jane turned three today! Aunt Emilee just sent me this picture of her. I am not sure how old she is in the picture (probably close to 18 months), but I do remember that I picked up this butternut squash at the grocery store and she treated it like her baby, holding it and patting it and talking to it. Mollie has been such delight - sweet, sometimes sassy, alamingly smart, and simply adorable! I could squeeze her all day if she'd let me. I love you Mollie Jane!

Aug 18, 2009

I am a robot

I am a robot. I am a machine. Go. Work. Play. Repeat. Sleep a little in between.

Seriously. I am TI-RED from the last month. In addition to and in between the fun things that will be described below, we have been doing a lot of home repairs the past month. For one, I have conquered my life-long dread of painting a room. If you look straight into the room cross-eyed, the paint job is sheer perfection. Sure, if you look at it normally, there are definitely some visible flaws, but if I could hug it, I would. I love you, Ralph Lauren "Plateau." I feel like a real adult now.

Now for an introduction of what is to come. One of the most horrible memories of my childhood is sitting in the clubhouse of my Uncle Phil's condo complex and watching about 10 hours of slides from his and my Grandma's trip to Africa. Or England. Or someplace else that can be visited in less time that it took to watch those agonizing slides. Anyway, I hope the following is a little higher on the entertainment scale.

In July, Mollie and cousin Caleb played in the fountains at the Gateway. Mollie mostly just danced to the music and Caleb had a good time trying to stick his toosh in water's way.

We hiked Timpanogus (how do you spell that?) Cave over the 24th of July with Grandma Mary. Mollie was a trooper. She decided that there was "nothing to be afraid of" in the cave and got to be the ranger's helper by carrying his flashlight. Cory was a trooper too. He carried Mollie all the way up, and even ran some of the way. Sicko.

Mollie and Dad on a visit to the library at the "U"

We spent a few days at Snowbird compliments of Grandma Jackie. Mollie and Brandon panned for Gold (and other sorts of fascinating rocks). We got a great picture of all of us in Albion Basin.

Lagoon Day for Jacobsen Construction was great. Cory didn't come and so we ended up just riding the kid rides all day. Snore. Actually, watching your child have fun is just about as much fun as having fun yourself. But, why oh why do these little boats have the LONGEST line in the park?

We just got back from a trip to Yellowstone. Thumbs up, Yellowstone. Thumbs down, saying goodbye to our transmission and saying hello to a $4000 replacement. If I wrote about that story, this would quickly turn into something akin to a 10-hour slide show, so I will focus on the good parts of our trip. Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Me and Mollie and good Old Faithful

Mollie and Mom ("just the girls" as Mollie would say) in West Yellowstone.

Mom and Mollie getting ready to hike Uncle Tom's Trail.

The whole family in front of Yellowstone Falls.

Dad and Mollie and "Perla" the chipmunk eating breakfast at Lake Lodge.

The Buffalo. We saw a lot of these guys.

In addition to "Perla" the chipmunk, her toy buffalo and toy bear, Mollie brought her "Baby Borliff" along on the trip. Here she is showing Baby Borliff the buffalo.

And showing Perla a geyser.

Us and Momma Elk.

The Mollster.

Dad introducing Mollie to the wonders of nature. He's good at that.

Mollie's souvenir. She fought hard for this. It the thing that every kid wants - a rock and mineral sticker book, of course. But seriously, I think the salesperson was excited because it was the first one that anyone has ever purchased. We blew off the dust and Mollie was thrilled. Our little geologist in bloom.

The last shot of the trip. We followed this RV for a few miles out of Yellowstone on our way to Jackson. I couldn't read it very well, so I thought it said, "Goin Places Grillin' Tacos." How odd. But with an RV, why not? You could drive all over the country and grill tacos to your hearts content. As we got closer we realized it read, "Goin Places with Smilin Faces." How cliche, and disappointing. If I ever own an RV, you can count on it having something to do with tacos.