Jul 13, 2009

Deep Thoughts

Here are some recent conversations between Cory and I. Who says that after 12 years of marriage there is nothing to talk about?

World Affairs
Julie: Cory, if you could be Chinese or Japanese, which would you choose?
Cory: Japanese.
Julie: Why?
Cory: Because I love Hello Kitty*.

*If you only knew how much Cory dislikes Hello Kitty...

Cultural Arts
Julie: Cory, you know those stickers on trucks that have Calvin peeing on things?
Cory: Yeah.
Julie: If you had one on your truck, what would yours be peeing on?
Cory: Well, if I were the type of person who actualy had one of those stickers, then myself.
Or I would have it peeing on one of those other guys who had one on his truck.

Stimulating conversation at it's best.

***DISCLAIMER: We really try not to use the word "pee" at our house. I originally wrote "sprinkle" and Cory insisted that I change it. He did not want to be known to the world as the guy who says "sprinkle." Hey, I am not about to rob anyone of his manhood. Sorry to give you a PG-rated post, however.

Jul 8, 2009

What do you do in the summertime?

My fan club of one (hello sunny Florida!) let me know that she wants to see more on my blog. It's been awhile, hasn't it? So here is some major catch-up on the last two few weeks.


One morning my two little early birds got up at 6:00 a.m. and disappeared. I didn't really mind, or care, or want to know where they had gone because I got to keep on snoozing undisturbed. Turns out, Cory took Mollie hiking up the canyon. What a pair of mountain goats I have!

We have had the greatest strawberry patch this year. Here is the evidence that Mollie likes to pick them and sneak them into her mouth without us knowing (Note to Mollie: work on your disguise next time)

We went to Canyon Rim park with Brandon, Mollie, Grandma and Breanna. After some swinging, we got ourselves the first snow cones of the summer.

Cory, Ben and Mollie and I went to the Art's Festival. They had some cool 3-D artwork and we tried on the glasses. Isn't this little thing a work of art herself?

While at the Art's Festival, Mollie got to try the tiniest little violin I've ever seen. She's a natural. My sisters Jenny, Beth and Ang would be proud.

Cory ran the Wasatch Back with some co-workers at Franklin Covey. Their team name: "Forget Win-Win, JUST WIN!" Pretty clever if you know your Seven Habits. Fortunately for our household, we've been sufficiently doused with Franklin Covey lingo. I loved the running, bobble-headed Stephen R. Covey they had posted on their team van. Classic.

Mollie and Dad, caught at an inopportune picture moment, at the finish line.


Here's our little twinkle toes. Not bad. Much better than those yehaws that get on "America's Got Talent." I think this is a little reminscent of "The Elaine" on Seinfeld. Also note the standard "costume" that Mollie must don almost everyday: a white undershirt, her pink skirt, size 9-month pink tights, silver shoes, a ponytail "in the back," and a few clips thrown in her hair for that extra dazzle. This ensemble has gone many places with us, depending on how much I feel like coercing and/or bribing her not to wear it that day. I am ashamed to say it has made it all the way into Costco...more than once.

We went to Richfield while Jenny, Hallie and Abby were visiting from Kansas and had a kid Caldwell birthday party for all the summer birthdays. It was a hoot. We played pin the tail on the donkey, musical pillows (chairs) and duck-duck-goose. The kids didn't get any of it. Especially funny was the musical pillow game. They just ran around, in every direction, until the music stopped and then they just wandered off. Cute little critters these kids are.


For the 4th of July, we went to the Evergreen parade, breakfast and carnival. Mollie was very enthusiastic about waving her flag at EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Luckily, everyone she "accidentally" hit with it were pretty understanding. And no one's eyes got poked out. That sure would be unpatriotic!

More parade with Mollie's cousins, Nathan, Olivia, and Katie.

Loving Cinderella Park


Mollie said to the Bounce House, "Bring it on!" And it did. She didn't seem to mind. Wouldn't this be great in slow motion?

The girls and Grandma Jackie

Later that night, we went to the Stadium of Fire to see Grandma Jackie sing in the choir. Mollie was convinced that Grandma Jackie was not going to sing, she was going to dance. So everytime the teen dancers came leaping out, Mollie was on the hunt to see Grandma in her leotard. I am sure Jackie would have been flattered. Before the fireworks we got to see/hear the Jonas Brothers and SheDaisy. In her customary "get down" way, Mollie was busting a move for the concerts. Too bad I missed recording most of it. But we did get a few jerks -uhem, "moves"- on film.

Coming soon: New garden boxes, more time at the cabin, and a trip to Yellowstone! Stay tuned!