Jun 10, 2009

Dust in the Wind

I'm just here to make an observation. Are blogs going the way of dust in the wind? Will my blog suffer the same fate as my cute-edged scissors, die cuts, embossing sets and rubber stamps? Cause after a few furious years of toting that junk around, it eventually lost it's allure (and would have lost it's place in my closet by now if I could bring myself to throw all that money down the toilet). Do you find yourself bored by the whole blogging thing? Is Facebook the new blog? I, frankly, have found all this blogging and social networking to be kind of lonely. So one-dimensional. Interactionless. So unenriching. I love looking at blogs, but I'd much rather have a nice lunch or a great phone coversation with someone. So instead of posting a quiz to find out how well we know each other, let's talk and learn something new! I'm going on a blogcation. Less Facebook and more face time!