May 27, 2009

How do you spell trouble?

On Memorial Day Kris and Tracy invited us to go to This is the Place State Park. It was the place! I am officially in love. We only did a fraction of what you can do there and had a fantastic time doing it (see pictures below).

BUT FIRST, a little spelling lesson:
In the little pioneer schoolhouse each desk had a slate and chalk. Mollie sat right down and picked up the chalk. I was paying attention to the school teacher tell us about the school and I heard Mollie say, "Mommy, here is an 'O'!" Sure enough, there was an "M" then an "O" on her slate. Cory and I looked at each other in sheer surprise. Who taught her to write the letters of her name? Who taught her how to write at all? Not us. Then she continued with an "L," another "L", an "I" and then she paused. Thinking she might need some help, Cory said, "next comes an 'e,' but that's kind of hard." Undaunted, she went right ahead and Mollie rounded out her name with a capital "E." Holy Brother Brigham! Bring out the horehound candy! Our kid can spell and write her name and she doesn't even turn three until the end of August! I guess all those McDonald's cheeseburgers I craved while pregnant supersized her brain. How do you spell trouble? I'll tell you: trouble is a kid who will surpass her mother's IQ before long. Enjoy the pictures, I'd better get busy studying up on how to multiply fractions and memorizing the periodic table of elements....
The evidence

Spring Lambs

Mollie's first (and hopefully last) shave

Pioneer cousins
The train

Mollie and Pa

Pioneer Ladies

Puttin' Lipstick on a snake

May 19, 2009

Died and Gone to Heaven

Well, first and most importantly, I had the most awesome weekend. Cory has been off of school for spring break, so he has had some extra time to spend with Mollie and give me some breaks. This past weekend he took Mollie camping for three days. I had that time to myself. I didn't take any pictures of me doing all the things I like to do when no one is in tow, but believe me, it was like I'd died and gone to heaven. I put about 100 miles on my car just driving to different shopping centers. I didn't even buy much, but it felt so liberating to go down every aisle of any store I pleased and take my time doing it.

Cory, on the other hand, was spending those three days living it up near Cannonville in Southern Utah. He and Grandpa Larry, Cousin Brandon and Mollie visited slot canyons, Bryce Canyon, slept out under the stars, went swimming and even ate one dinner out of a vending machine. Could it get any better than that?

Mollie reported that she liked seeing the cow poop and the piles of rocks called "Karens" (cairns). She showed me her scratches and scrapes from all the "booby traps" she and Brandon encountered while climbing rocks.

So here are some pictures of the adventurers in action:

May 2, 2009

Spring Sing

Some things are so good they are worth singing about. I love spring blossoms, especially the ones on the tree right outside my bedroom window. These are absolutely breathtaking. I open my shutters each day this time of year and instantly feel like there is a bluebird on my shoulder.

Tonight we had our ward "Spring Sing" which was a musical variety show. I knew the Elder's Quorum was cooking something up when one of the other wives told me, "Did you know Cory was going to be in the EQ number....I had to talk the guys out of wearing speedos...." Of course all I really heard was the word "speedo." This was my face: ?!?!?

And this was my face as I watched the magic unfold: :)) (that's a double smiley face). If you can't tell who's who, Cory's the one with the sexiest legs. He's also the guy who "makes a big splash" at the end.