Feb 28, 2009

Just Exercising My Right

Let's face it, when you give birth, you are bestowed a whole new bill of rights. The right to go ga-ga by making-up strange words and saying those words in strange voices, the right to say "poop" in everyday conversation, the right to ignore your child when she has a melt-down in public, the right to stop anything and everything you are doing if your child needs you, AND the right to brag. I am here tonight to exercise that right.

Mollie identifies our destinations by color. "Are we going to the red store (Smith's Marketplace) or the blue store (Albertson's)?" "Are you going to the red gym (Bally's) or the yellow gym (Gold's)?" Tonight we went to the green store (Dollar Tree) instead of a red store (Mr. Macs -come to think of it, I've never stepped foot in Mr. Macs. Maybe that should be a lifelong goal of mine ;) Anyway...)

So we cleared up what store we were going to go to and Cory casually said, "Hey, Mollie, do you see some letters?" She replied, "Yes. D-O-L-L-A-R-T-R-E" Cory and I looked at each other with the words "HOLY MOLY" in our eyes. Maybe it should have been "HOLY MOLLIE." Now she is our first child, and only child, so we are constantly amazed, and proud, at what she comes up with. But her ability to recognize letters and spell a word?...well, that pretty much trumps everything up to this point.

She makes us laugh too:

1. Mollie is slightly obsessed that everything and everyone has a "mommy." If there is a storybook character or even a real-live person or animal she sees without a mother-figure, it concerns her. "Where is their mommy?" is a constant question at our house.

A few days ago, Mollie "rearranged" our living room lamps. I came in to find this. Her explanation: "The wittle one just needed his mommy."

2. We went shoe-shopping for Cory today. Mollie LOVES to try on shoes when there is any sort of shoe in sight at any store. She goes for high-heels and funky colors. Today her favorite pair were a mismatched patent blue stilleto and a white leather high-heeled wedge. In an attempt to coax her out of them so we could leave, I said, "Mollie, let's pretend you are the customer and I will let you try THESE shoes on (her own)." Her reply: "Mommy, I am not a customer, I am just a kid who loves shoes!"

3. She has been able to spend time with her three cousins, Katie, Olivia, and Nathan since they moved here from England. Mollie has picked up that they say, "hiya" instead of "hi" like we do. Today she said, "Katie and Olivia say 'hiya' and we say 'hi', but that's okay because they are from China."

Hey, if being a "kid who just loves shoes" is diffrent than a paying customer, I am all for it. And if she's spelling words at two years-old, there will be plenty of time for geography lessons.

We love this kid.

Feb 18, 2009


Here are my two loves - two hearts that thump to the same beat. They are such a pair! Here are some reasons why I simply adore them:

They have incredible blue eyes
They are not afraid to try new things
They never get cold
They like peanut butter
They don't like jelly bellies
They always have a song to be singing, humming or whistling
They like to read "Fox in Socks" (count me OUT)
They like to go on hikes with their "pack packs"
They like really high swings, fast slides, and slippery sleds
They like fast shoes
They make my heart turn to moosh

XOXOXO to my my eternal valentines! I heart you!

Feb 8, 2009

Today's Reduced-word Post

Note to self: Let's face it, this blog is often too heavy on words and not on pics. B-O-R-I-N-G. Trouble is, I don't have any photography skills AND I have this delightful, "biggest waste of $300" camera. But, nonetheless, here are some family visuals from the past two months:

Jumpin' Jacks with Caldwell and Broadbent cousins

Swimming with Caldwells. A rarity that we'll ALL together (Mom and Dad are photo-shooting)

Sledding with Mulcocks (Katie, Olivia, Cory, Mollie, Kim, Rob and Colin pictured here) at Donut Falls. We had no idea what was to come. This was taken just before utter mayhem broke out with freezing, screaming kids.

Sledding at Sugarhouse Park with the ward
See this donut remnant? It survived two walks up the hill and two sled runs. I think Mollie used it as a stress ball.

The many faces of The Mol

Feb 4, 2009


My girl is potty trained! It's been a solid week without an accident, day or night time. It has been a monumental few months: goodbye to binkies and goodbye to diapers! I have honestly feared life without those two precious things since day one - knowing that those conveniences of life would one day be gone. I even found an dusty binky under my bed the other day, and held in my hand for a long time, fighting the urge to wash it and pop it in Mollie's mouth. I guess I am a recovering addict of sorts. But The Mol is doing great! I love that little bottom running around in mini-panties. Can't stop pinching those cheeks!

And here are some of the latest thoughts that Mollie's little brain has cooked up and have consequently escaped her lips:

"Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the Indians, and the dinosaurs and the mammoth" (we went to the Museum of Natural History for FHE. She clearly appreciated it)

"Mommy, I made a caterpillar!" (Looking into the toilet - I'll leave that one to your imagination)

"Mamma Mia! Here I go again! My, my, how can I resist you?" (Sung to her nursery leaders at church - I got the report later)

And here's my personal favorite, because it makes me look really good as a mom (and I can use all the help I can get with that). Mollie was pounding on the piano at my mom's house singing the ABC song. Then she started singing, "I Feel My Savior's Love." And she announced to Grandma, "We sing this at Family Home Evening!" And we did. Once.

Tonight she helped me make cookies and we made a "picnic" on the kitchen floor and ate them together. Mollie generously offered me some of her milk and a bite of her cookie. She loaded her plate into the dishwasher and said, "thank you." Then we rocked in our rocking chairs in the living room and she told me that I was her best friend. You think I am making this up. I am not joking. I just had to write it down so that I would believe it when she morphed back into the normal two-year old that she is most of the time.

Mollie and Julie. BFF.