Jan 23, 2009

Picture Princess

My Mollie, princess-in-training. She likes to twirl, wear beautiful dresses, sing, change shoes frequently, and make demands. All she needs to be the princess of her dreams is to be officially granted her own kingdom (her parents are holding out on that one). Oh, and I guess a Prince Charming would come in handy too, but she's got her cousins Caleb and Brandon, whom she is set on marrying. Her checklist is almost complete.

Except this: Shabby Apple is conducting a "picture princess contest" and are searching for a little girl to win their new Shabby Baby spring line. Stop your carriages! Being a sucker for all things free and the darling clothes Shabby Apple sells, I am officially entering the contest with this blog post. If Her Highness were to choose a little Shabby Baby number, she would pick the lovely "Queen of Hearts" dress (http://www.shabbyapple.com/p-84-queen-of-hearts.aspx).
Here are some of my most recent, and amateur, attempts to capture little Mollie Jane:

Princess in title or not, she is our crown jewel.

Jan 18, 2009

Bless Yous

Tonight after brushing teeth, Mollie said, "Mommy, look at at all of those 'bless yous' in the tub!" Huh? Sure enough, there were water droplets on the floor of the tub. She sure must observe a lot of really wet sneezes! ACHOO!

Jan 17, 2009

The Negotiator

Who knew that my sweet little girl would start trying to manipulate me at such a tender age? I had no idea that things such as bath time, bed time, nap time, food time, get in the car time, put your clothes on time, say prayers time, sit still time, put your toys away time - pretty much any time I exercise any sort of my own will - all these times would really put my conflict resolution and negotiation skills to the test.

Take for instance, yesterday's lunch. The process took an hour, and she didn't even finish what was in front of her. Here are Mollie's best arguments for not eating her food and continuosly getting down from her chair:

"I'm just letting it cool down" (It was cottage cheese, kiwi, and carrots)

"I'm just fixing my chair" (Getting down, moving it back and forth, and then attempting to make a run for it)

"I'm just going to take a break" (Starting to get down and then attempting to make a run for it)

"I'm just going to go in the other room, play for a minute, then come back" (Getting down, seeing mom is going to grab her, ducking under the table)

"My stomach is thinking" (Getting down, standing by her chair, and tapping her index finger to her forehead)

So finally, we moved past lunch time and went for nap time. A good ten minutes after I thought she was asleep I hear a yell, "I'm HUNGRY MOMMY!"

Sometimes it feels like I am the coyote.

Jan 13, 2009

Blog Robber

Long ago a feller could get himself locked up for hog stealin. I guess I'm about to bring the same concept into the 21st century by doin some "blog" stealin. Is there an unwritten code that you can't steal from someone else's blog? Well, I'm about to do it.

One reason for not updating my blog very much lately is that I my creative juices have been flowing...nowhere. In fact, my mind feels like a swamp. I definitely am suffering from an acute case of the January blues. And I have a cold, which helps nothing.

But I did want to note some things that have happened in my life. So here goes, my first blog steal:

Angelee, my sister, did an upstanding job highlighting our Christmas with the Caldwell side of the family. Please see http://maryangelee.blogspot.com/ for the full report. She did a nice job capturing Mollie singing, with her finger in her nose and all. Thanks, Ang, for your sweet skills: your bowstaff skills, your numchuck skills, and your holiday record keeping skills.

The only thing that Ang was not able to cover adequately about the holidays were two notable things: 1) Bethany and Mark became our roomies for two weeks during the holidays, we had a great time with them in our house and we miss them, and 2) Christmas with the Mulcocks was also a great thing, since Tracy and her kids arrived from England and the whole Mulcock pack of grandkids doubled overnight! We look forward to many good times with our newfound cousins.

And, introducing....(drum roll please), my second blog steal:

My cousin, Lacey, posted a fabulous "New Year's" blog about what she was looking forward to in 2009: a year devoted to herself. Sounds smashing! So I am stealing her idea. Here are some of the things that will be my "foci" in 2009:

1. I will have more fun and I will be more fun. A daily smile will be mandatory. I will laugh more. I will memorize dumb jokes...make it dumb pickle jokes. I will be unashamedly silly. This morning Mollie presented me with some "donut soup" that she had "prepared." I vow to eat more donut soup.

2. I am going to do something that I have never done before. Here are my multiple choice options:
a) Sew something that I will actually wear
b) Prepare my Relief Society lesson one week in advance so I can ponder, ponder, ponder
c) Get up early (at least once a week) and read my scriptures
d) Prepare to run the Wasatch Back, which I have committed to, do not want to do anymore, but can't think of a legitimate reason for getting out of it
e) Contract an semi-awful disease that will legitimately prevent me from having to run the Wasatch Back
d) All of the above
(The answer is "d")

3. Start something: A business. Start writing a book (my journal would count). A plan to get my Master's Degree. I will think less about doing and do more about doing.

4. Replace fear with faith. I've got too many fears. No good. Gotta let the real boss be in charge.

5. Treat myself like the most important person I am to me. (WHOA, NELLIE! Did you understand that last sentence?!) What I mean is, take care of myself. Recognize my needs and find heathly ways to meet those needs. Regard myself as the most important person in my life. I am special. Special needs.

6. Update my blog on January 13th. Hey! I can check this one off of my list! What a good start to the year. I can tell it's going to be a good one!

Jan 2, 2009

...a Utah Man am I! K-eye!

We're U people. We're happy. Cory got to go to the Sugar Bowl with my Dad and brother-in -law. They had to fly to St. Louis, then Atlanta, then Mobile, Alabama and then drove from there to New Orleans. Who knows how they'll get home as standby passengers, BUT WHO CARES?! What a great game!