Dec 14, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!

We skimped on sending out a Christmas letter again this year, so this is it, folks!

It's been a good year. We were able to visit some exotic places! Cory went to Bejing, China and Capetown, South Africa for work and Julie and Mollie went on the exotic...jungle cruise at Disneyland. We also went down to Southern Utah with Julie's family, which was not quite as exotic, but definitely a memorable adventure!

Cory started MBA school this fall and spent the better part of the year applying, preparing and studying for this new "adventure." Not quite as fun as traveling halfway around the world though! He still works at Franklin Covey on the International Sales team. School, work, church and family...not much time for anything else.

Julie is Mollie's mom and Cory's wife. And proud of it! She also works part-time at Jacobsen Construction in Human Resources. She enjoys having "creative control" over most things, which is how she talked Cory into dressing up like Papa Bear for Halloween, which he did not enjoy, but took it for the team! And Julie blogs, which is what brought this little family update to you today.

Mollie is two. Not terrible, but definitely two. Her nursery leaders put it perfectly: "she just knows what she likes." Right now she mainly likes the color blue and princesses. Everything else revolves around those two things. Lucky for us, most princess stories end with a wedding and a castle, which Mollie mistakes for the Salt Lake Temple. So she is always so happy when her princesses "get married in the temple!" We are too! This year, we thought we'd let her speak for herself:


She recently surprised us by learning the words to "The Twelve Days of Christmas." So festive!


So here we are the end of another year. The Lord's hand has been in our lives. We have been blessed beyond measure. We are so grateful for His atonement, life and love for us. Our greatest hope is that all of our friends and family feel the light of Christ this season and always. We love you!

Cory, Julie and Mollie Mulcock