Oct 28, 2008

The Buddy System

Mollie is getting old enough to be my buddy. I put on lipstick, she wants lipstick. I talk on the phone, she wants to talk on the phone. I sweep the floor, she sweeps the floor. I do yoga, she does yoga (the other day she saw someone at the store raise their hands above their head and she said, "Wook Mommy! That wady is doing yoga wike us!") Since Cory has been busy with school, we really get a chance to pal around together. I absolutely love it. There is a part of my heart that goes all marshmellowy when I think about Mollie. She is my lover!
Here are some pics of the last few weeks:

Mollie and I completed the "Itty Bitty Salt Lake City" contest. This is us in front of our VERY last find! If you want details on the contest, check it out on Deseret News.com. We spent about 15 hours downtown looking for clues together. What a great partner!

Mollie helped me make dinner rolls on conference Sunday.

And she helped Dad make gingersnap cookies, too.

We got two HUGE pumpkins in our backyard pumpkin patch this year and Mollie loved watching them grow up!

Mollie drove the tractor at Wheeler Farm.
Mollie and Brandon gave "branches" to the tree stump at Wheeler Farm.

Mollie hiking to the "H" with Dad. Her backpack, by the way, is FILLED with rocks she carefully picked out and brought home.

Dad and Mollie built a castle/fort where she spent the better part of Sunday morning. She moved right in, bringing most of her toys, her blanket and some story books with her. She stayed there a LONG time, which prompted both Cory and I to say, "Why didn't we think of this SOONER?"

This face! Checking out the scenery as we rode the tram at Snowbird last weekend.
Getting a smooch from Dad.

Eyes filled with wonder.

Oct 18, 2008

Tagged for Real

Oh, I am so honored to be tagged for real! (Thanks, Megan!) What I have to do is write six quirks about me and then tag 6 people. EASY. I am full of quirks.

1. I hate feet. People's feet on me, my bare feet on a floor (shoes are ALWAYS on), looking at feet, that Dr. Seuss book about feet. Bottom line: feet stink.
2. I still wear a pair of pajamas that I have had for 13 years. And there is not a show of wear on them ANYWHERE. Cory and I think these pajamas are immortal. They keep on giving. They are indestructible. I have been able to fit into them at my skinniest, my fattest, and my 9 months pregnant-est. The NASA space program should study the design and take them into space. I am not joking.
3. I like the group Huey Lewis and the News. I know the words to all their songs and I sing along. Definitely not cool. I don't care.
4. I do not like popcorn. Not once in my life have I purchased or been tempted to purchase a bucket of popcorn at a movie theater. Those humongous pickles, however, have always intrigued me. Do people eat those or do they sit next to the popcorn machine for effect only?
5. I think David Bowie is sexy. I can't think of a reason why. Could it be that white leotard he wears in Labyrinth? His fang teeth? I don't know. I really, really don't know.
6. When I was younger, these are some of the things I wanted to be when I grew up: an archeologist, an architect, and a lawyer. Archeologist because of our many family trips to Dinosaurland, an architect because I loved Legos and designing my own house plans on posterboard, and lawyer because I read every Nancy Drew book one summer and Nancy's attorney-dad drove a "sedan" (which I thought meant a "porsche.")


Oct 9, 2008

I'm IT

Is it okay to tag yourself? Cause seriously, I read this tag on my cousins post and I want to answer too!

High School tag

1. Your High School's full name: Olympus High School
2. High School Colors: Green and Gray
3. School Mascot: Titans
4. Did you date anyone from your school? I went to most dances if that counts. Oh, and I sort-of dated a friend at the end of senior year. A GUY friend.
5. It's Friday night where are you: With Jessica.
6. Were you a party animal: Only when blaring Milli Vanilli out of my mom's minivan in the school parking lot late at night....so, no.
7. Were you considered a flirt: I tried my hand at flirting.
8. Were you in band, orchestra, choir, or other group: I was definitely a choir girl.
9. Were you in any clubs: Vocal Ensemble (Madrigals), Election Committee Office, Young Republican Club Officer, English Club...oh, and I was the founder of the John Rutter Fan Club
10. Did you ever get expelled or suspended: I was a very, very good girl.
12. Who were your favorite teachers: Mrs. Baskin my English teacher. I always sat on my desk instead of my chair in her class. It felt so "Dead Poets Society" ish.
13. Where did you sit during lunch: My sophomore year I was the new girl and had NO friends, so I mostly wandered the halls trying to look busy, then by senior year it was out on the grass or in someone's car driving away.
14. Who was your prom date? Trigg Randall junior prom. Chris Vandam the next junior prom. Joe Lebaron senior prom.
15. If you could go back and re-do high school would you: Sophomore year, no. Junior year, maybe. Senior year I loved - best time of my life.
16. Were you a nerd? If being a nerd means that no one likely remembers you going to high school with them, then yes.
17. Were you on any varsity teams? Never tried out.
18. Where did you go senior skip day? I am not sure on that day...wait, I think training table with Jessica and Matt, Josh, Joe and Scott. Other notable sluff days: going to see French Kiss with Jessica and Josh. McDonalds with Chris Sweeten and Scott Townsend to try and win Monopoly. And Brackman Bros. Bagels with various people. And bowling with Rebecca Neff. It's amazing what you can get done in just a few school periods.
19. Have you gained some weight since then? Sob.
20. What do you remember about Graduation: Singing "Walk Down that Lonesome Road" in Abravenel Hall with my Vocal Ensemble friends.
21. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion? I went to the 10 year. Won't be going to any more of those.
22. What kind of car did you drive? My mom's minivan.
23. What was your most embarrassing moment in high school? NOTHING will ever top the sheer humilation of singing and dancing to "Can't You Feel It?" at the Hello Day Assembly. Oh, the shame.
24. Did you go to homecoming and with who? I did go to homecoming and I can't remember with whom. Ted Cundick?** That sounds about right.
25. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself? Most of my friends were in the National Honor Society and I never did get involved with that. I should have. Also, it's a good idea to study for AP tests. Some you can get by on the skin of your teeth. Others...not so much.

** Correction: Homecoming date was Josh Gildea.

Oct 2, 2008


Last weekend Mollie and I visited the Thalmans in Richfield. Also on board were Mom, Angelee, Emilee and Dad. It was a nice, relaxing time! Richfield is so great because there really isn't that much to do. So what you do is talk, play games and enjoy each other. Those are the best times. We never do that in Salt Lake together because there is such a rush to Go! and Do! Richfield is where you can go to just be a family.

As I was packing my bag for the trip, I noticed Mollie was filling her "pack pack" as well. As she explained to me, "I'm filling my pack pack for when I go live with Cayeb." And this is what she brought with her (could she survive on a desert island? You be the judge):

Survival kit: a doorbell, chapstick, a Mexican rattle, an expired credit card, clip-on earrings, fake pearls, an assortment of plastic, fabric and foam fish and animals, a marker...and some keys, just in case. Survivor, anyone?