Sep 17, 2008

Molly Dolly-isms

1. (Pulling up to Grandma Marianne's house. No one is outside. I get out and open Mollie's door.) Mollie (shouting): I'm here! I'm here everybody! I'm coming! I'm coming!

2. Mollie went to bed a few nights ago at 9:00 p.m. All was quiet. At 10:30 p.m., Cory came home from school. I say, "Hi, Cory!" And from somewhere in the back of the house we hear a muffled cry, "Daddy! I'm sleeping!"

3. Mollie and Dad went to the fair with his family without me because I went to the planning commission meeting. So a few days later I took Mollie again, just the two of us at the fair. I said, "Mollie, what should we do first?" She replied, "Um...see the quilts!"

4. "Mollie you are a good singer!" "No! I am a Mollie!"

5. Mollie is potty training and figured out a new technique to stay up later than her bedtime. One night after the third time of her calling out "I have to go potty!", getting out of bed and then not going potty, Cory called her bluff: "Mollie, do you really have to go potty? Because you keep telling us that you do and they you don't. Do you have to go potty or not?
(Pause - Mollie is thinking of how she can negotiate her way out off this)
Mollie: I went in my pants
Cory: (Not taking the bait) Good. It's time for bed then. Goodnight.
Mollie: (Lays down in her bed and goes right to sleep)

7. Me: "Mollie, you're the best kind of kid!" Mollie: "No, Mommy, YOU'RE the best kind of kid!"

6. My mom wrote me this email last week after she watched Mollie for me:
Mollie went through my purse, putting lip gloss on her nose, and between her eyes, as well as mascara. With the two black eyes, she flipped open my phone and hit the OK button. All of a sudden I heard her talking to somebody real on the phone, but hoped it was a family member, as I was in a deep conversation with a neighbor. Mollie just kept talking and talking in her own very deep conversation for a LONG time. When my neighbor left, I found her pulling down her "tulips" (pullups) in the bathroom and when I shut the phone which was off she said, "No, no, I'm talking to Caleb!" Lo and behold, in talking to Katie a bit later I find out that she called Katie and Katie put Caleb on and they had quite a least 10 minutes or more. Picture Caleb walking around outside with the phone in one hand and his other hand on his hip. Picture Mollie saying, "Caleb, come on to Grandma's," "I can't," says Caleb, "My mom says it's far away." Mollie replies, "Can Abby and Hallie come over?" Caleb (after asking his mom), "No, they live in Kansas." Mollie, "Oh."

Who IS this child?

Sep 12, 2008

Two is Too Fun

I have realized that it's a good thing that two-year olds are so funny. If they weren't, life would be tough! Potty training, stubbornness, emotions that can go from zero to sixty in under two seconds...and did I mention potty training? All things that might put me over the edge. Today Mollie woke up real early and was getting busy real fast. I said, "Mollie, you wear me out." She said, "No, I don't wear you out. But I love you anyway." She's sure got a way with words . Some days I could eat her alive, but most days I could just eat her up! I love these recent pics!

Sep 11, 2008

Something to Smile About
Last night I participated in a 4+ hour long meeting with the SLC planning commission regarding rezoning the Walmart on Parley's Way by my house (where the haunted house Kmart is now). Contrary to what most people think, the issue is NOT about whether Walmart can come there. Walmart already owns the property and nothing can stop them from rolling in their roll-back prices. Yellow smiley faces will come people.

What Walmart has requested is a rezone of the property, which I and most of my neighbors OPPOSE! They want to build a new pinnacle of thriftiness, and to do that, they need it rezoned, instead of work with the building they purchased two years ago fully knowing it was zoned as it is. (Not to get too technical, but the reason why they can come in as a box-type store now is because of a grandfather clause that they will inherit from Kmart if they reuse 50% or more of the value of Kmart's building.)

The immediate outcome of rezoning or not rezoning will be EXACTLY the same: a Walmart store. Rezoning is unnecessary. Walmart can and WILL build a presentable building, no matter how it is zoned. How they build it is their problem. How the zoning affects the future of our neighborhood is OUR problem.

Rezoning opens the doors for future businesses to bring in more big box-like stores. One of the reasons why Cory and I chose to buy and live in an old house in an old neighborhood is the integrity and character of the community. Changing the zoning endangers that. It’s too late with the Walmart coming in, but years from now Walmart may be gone and there might be a chance to revitalize that property into something the neighborhood can be proud of. I could go on and on…don’t get me started…

Anyway, a few ladies from my neighborhood rallied and went to the meeting to show support for the cause. A few of us spoke to the commissioners (including me!) about the issue. From the onset, it looked like the Walmart representatives were going to get their way, but when over 100 people showed up and only 2 of them were on Walmart’s side, I think that turned the tide. I know it sounds like a yawner, but it was better than watching Jerry Springer! Seriously! The final vote was 7-0 in our favor. Now the issue goes to the City Council. If all goes well, Walmart will have to work within the confines of the current zoning, which they are perfectly able to do. The community master plan will stay intact and victory will go to the little people (like Mollie and her children)!

Walmart is launching a huge campaign to rally support. Don't get caught up in the emotion (this is not a Walmart witch-hunt nor is it a Walmart 911 call). Study the issue - rezoning - and form your own opinion.

Sep 2, 2008

August-0 with Gusto

Whew! Is it time for snow yet? I am already ready for a long winters' nap! Here are the highlights of our bustling August:

We went to the Scott family reunion in Oakley

We spent two days at the Caldwell cabin with Brandon, Grandma Jackie, Grandpa Larry, Brittany and Breanna (this is the ONLY pic I took. I am definitely NOT blessed with photography skills OR a nice camera. Working on the latter, however...)

Cory and I got to get away to Las Vegas for a few days. The only thing we won was a pair of really nice grandmas taking care of Mollie. LUCKY!

We went to Lagoon for Cory's work summer party. Mollie was old enough to ride the kiddie rides this year. She didn't exactly smile, or squeal with joy, or seem like she was having a great time, but there were no tears, so that was enough. Way to go, Mollie!

She had a little trouble with the bumper-car concept.

Mollie also started swimming lessons for the first time.
We took turns with her each week in the pool.

We went to the Franklin Covey suite for a Bees game and fireworks. All the Salt Lake Mulcocks and Caldwells were able to come.
What kind of parents would let their kid...?! Oops. Mollie did fish lips on the suite window with Caleb and Brandon. Hey, what was I supposed to do? Especially since Grandpa Larry taught them how.

We enjoyed the fireworks together

At the end of it all, Mollie got to run around the bases with her cousins and Aunt Angelee in her "China dress" nightgown (Ang and Adelynn are in the lead)

On the 27th, Mollie had a BIRTHDAY and turned TWO and got lots of stuff and had lots of fun
We lost a part of our tree in a storm on Sunday and Mollie had fun "soaking" it all in.
A small event, but nonetheless, noteworthy:
Mollie was a sponge-curler-walrus for part of a day

And that was our August, up close and personal.