Jun 26, 2008

Are You All Tucked In?

One bedtime not long ago, Mollie figured out that she was the ONLY one going to bed at that time. Not only that, but she seemed to understand that once her door was closed, Mom and Dad would be breaking out the disco ball and the limbo stick and the non-alcoholic tequila (wink, wink). Not one to miss a party, she started to raise a stink. It was time for us to think outside of the box. So, to coerce her into her covers, we let her "tuck" Cory into bed first. She did a pretty good job, for a beginner, and she went to bed afterwards without a hitch. Cory did a good job as a "tuckee" and we pulled off our trick quite well.
Now Mollie has taken her new skill quite seriously. She likes to practice at various times of the day. She "tucks in" random things like her toothbrush, her Crocs, me, and her babydoll, "Cheetah" (yes, "Cheetah" is her Mollie-given name).
When was the last time that someone tucked YOU in? Could you use a good tucking? I gotta tell ya, it feels pretty good. Sure, you could go get a massage, or take a long bath, or eat a bowl of Nielsen's Frozen Custard, but nothing beats a good tuck in. We are quite enjoying our newly-found hobby.

Some recent pics of Mollie and I messing around. I don't know why she looks so worried in some of these pics. Is it a "my mom is a weirdo, please save me!" plea for help?

Jun 22, 2008

Things I'd Like to Do, but Never Do

I have this need to write something right now. Nothing in particular is striking me as important, so I'll just write. I like to write. I like a lot of things that I don't do enough or at all. Here are some of them:

- Sing. I love to sing. When I am driving alone, I sing at the top of my lungs. It feels great.
- Dance. In one of my former lives I had some pretty decent moves. I used to choreograph whole dances in my 100 square foot basement bedroom. It started with my modern dance days and pretty much ended with my high school madrigal days. Now I just do the Hokey Pokey with Mollie and it's fun, but just not the same.
- Watch movies. My husband doesn't like to watch movies so we rarely do that together. And when I have my own time, I always grab a book instead. But a nice chick flick always hits the spot.
- Eat Nielsen's Frozen Custard. I worked there for a year in high school and had a daily dose. That year I also lost 10 pounds. Hmm...maybe avoiding that stuff is only making me fatter!
- Talk to my sisters. Coming from a family of all girls mean that there is always a lot of talking going on. So much in fact, that it requires a lot of time to keep up! I wish I talked to my sisters more.
- Talk to my mom. Same dilemna as talking to my sisters. Mom always has something interesting to tell me and it's chicken noodle soup to my soul.
- Create things. I love the adrenaline of coming up with a new idea and putting it together. It's better than getting high. I think.
- Shop. I used to love to shop A LOT. Somehow it's lost some glamour over the past few years, I don't know why. I am sure Cory is grateful for that. But I do love the euphoria of finding the perfect pair of shoes, or buying something you think you would never wear and then wearing it, or finding the perfect gift.
- Sleep. I used to take naps. A time long ago and in a galaxy far far away.

Even if it's hard to do find time to do the things that you really like, it feels good to write them down. Maybe that would work with exercise too. If I just wrote about it, maybe it would have the same effect as doing it? Sounds like a good experiment. I'll let you know how it goes, but right now I've got a date with a Custard named Nielsen.

Jun 13, 2008


1978. Great year. I was one year old and was a flower girl at my aunt Gayla's wedding. My mom and I wore matching dresses, which she made. I don't remember the event of course, but there is a sweet picture of my mom and I with our cheeks pressed together, dresses matching, dimples and all.

Fast forward. 2008. Cory is getting Mollie ready for church. I am doing dishes. In the kitchen walks a reincarnation of ME...30 YEARS later! My mom saved the dress, Cory found it, and Mollie wore it to church. Not bad! Better than a trip to the DI!

Now if you are worried that we are resorting to desperate fashion measures, do not be alarmed. The line has been drawn. My mom made me a corduroy, bell-bottomed jump-suit with a matching quilted vest and a striped turtleneck for my first day of Kindergarten. That amounts to about 5 layers of clothing for an August school day. Ugh. It also looked like a boy suit. I hated it the minute I saw it. I can still see it swaying threateningly in my closet...my childhood scars tingle when I think about it. Maybe a little bit of 70's flower girl, but that's as much funk as I can allow. Mom, PLEASE keep that green Karen Carpenter-wanna-be-machine away from Cory!

Jun 7, 2008

...And it's Still in Use Today

We got back from a Caldwell family trip to Escalante/Grand Staircase monument over Memorial Day weekend. 75% of the Caldwell family made the trek: the Keller Lane Kids, the Richfielders, the Brentwoods, and the cute couple who hole up in that prime downtown penthouse apartment. The only kin missing were the Munchkins in Kansas.

We did some great hikes (12 miles in all), ate A LOT of food, crossed our fingers that Caleb (our cute, lovable petrie dish of illness) didn't spread the love too much, listened to Dad add the words "and it's still in use today!" to pretty much anything he saw... and we came out of it all with no (visible) battle wounds!
Since this is my blog, I get to talk about Mollie the most. She loved wearing her Elmo "pack pack" filled with carefully selected items: her sunglasses, a plastic ice cream cone and her harmonica. She carried a stick most of the time and enjoyed hitting Cory with it from her "chair" on his back. She loved soaking her feet in the rivers and finding rocks and pointing out the "Arch, Mommy!"

She especially loved being with Caleb. One conversation at the bottom of a slot canyon river bottom has particular notability (and cuteness):
Mollie: I'm hiking!
Cousin Caleb: We're hiking!
Both: Giggle, giggle
Mollie: Yeah (sigh)