May 6, 2008

When I was growing up, my mom wouldn't let us put on shorts for the season until the thermometer read 70 degrees. So we were CONSTANTLY calling "time" (remember the phone number that had a recording of the time and weather?) I remember once, but only once, when "time" said it was 68 degrees and we sweet-talked our way into shorts.

Anyway, I think we reached "short wearing weather" today. But I didn't call a number to figure that out. I was prodded by my sweet little 20-month old who asked to wear her "candles." Candles? Oh, yes, SANDALS. Little beacons that cast out the shadows of winter cold. Candles, sandals. Same difference.

May 4, 2008

Let's Go!

Do you want to have fun? Real fun? The kind where you laugh so hard you wonder if your pants will stay dry? Here's a tip: Go on a trip. It can be anywhere. It can be for any length of time. The secret ingredient to reaching that giddy bliss is in WHO you invite. It doesn't matter where you are, it's who you are with!

Since Cory went to Africa I figured that I needed my own exotic experience...on the Jungle Cruise. So Mom and Katie (after much persuading...can you believe it?!) agreed to come on the wild adventure with me. Mollie, my Mom, my sisters Katie and Angelee and my nephew Caleb went to DISNEYLAND. Ok, so in this instance, the destination of our trip definitely made a difference, but regardless, it was SO SO fun just to be together (how much MORE fun it would have been if all the sisters and husbands and cousins could have gone...hopefully another time).
It was hilarious to watch Mollie and Caleb together. They were pals. They did a little Tiki dance at the Tiki room show, they met Mickey Mouse together, and Caleb showered Mollie (literally showered) with attention at the play fountains in California Adventure. She loved it. With her Minnie (Mollie) Mouse ears and his Mickey cowboy hat, it couldn't have been cuter.

Thanks, guys, for always making our time together the Happiest Time on Earth, and in this instance, the happiest time while visiting The Happiest Place on Earth too!