Apr 23, 2008

Role Play

How do you explain to your your toddler that dad is going to be working in Africa for two weeks? Especially since that toddler's FAVORITE question (even if Dad just goes to get the mail or to use the bathroom or to turn off a light in another room) is "Where did Dad go?"
So explaining Africa is a toughie. You gotta do some improv. So we did:
Act I
Mollie: "Where did Dad go?"
Mom: "Dad took a ride in a plane"
Mollie: "Where did Dad go?"

Mom: "To Africa to see the elephants and lions and monkeys"

Mollie: "He's commin back?"
Mom: "Yep, he'll come back"
Mollie: "He's commin back!"
Mollie: "Where did dad go?"
Act II (repeat Act I)
Not bad likenesses of the Mulcock family, if I say so myself.
Have fun in Africa, Dad!

Apr 16, 2008

"SO BIG" - A dissertation in 20-month-old independence presented by Julie Mulcock, novice in toddler affairs

This is the third and last post of the night because my ice cream is gone and my husband is asleep and I STILL have not started the work I need to do. BUT I had to add this in because I LOVE this picture of my Mollie:

THIS is Mollie to a "T." She has now reached the pre-pre-pre adult stage and believes that she is "So big!" Being, therefore, "so big", she is studying up, much like a botanist reads the latest advances in green things that grow. There is a lot to know, of course. Mollie's got to keep her edge.

A lesson in politics

Monday was such a great day to attack the "land of desolation" otherwise known as our yard. So I put on my gloves and went out there to tame the dirt. Mollie was my helper. Julia, our friend downstairs, came up too and after they had filled and emptied their watering cans at least 50 times, things got a little out of control. Talk about mud slinging. Maybe these two little sweethearts have a future in politics? (But Mollie, deary, don't you think you have taken things a little too far with that toothbrush moustache?)

Three Ring Circus

Well, I should be working right now and dieting to boot, but instead I am blogging and eating a bowl of ice cream. Rebel!

This past week the Caldwell Three-Ring Circus got underway with the arrival of Jenny and Katie and their kids from out-of-town (Kansas and Richfield, respectively). It was SO SO FUN to have some more cousins around to play with! We went to the park and fed the ducks and went to Gateway Discovery and made crafts and overflowed the kitchen sink on accident, which inadvertently caused a new form of "slip all over the kitchen floor in your feetie pajamas and eat diswashing soap bubbles" mayhem. All that fun and then everyone went home again leaving us with nothing but a lot of sticky doorknobs and fish lips on windows. (Insert frowny face here.)

Here are some favorite pics of the five Caldwells grandkids/cousins (In order of appearance: Caleb, Mollie, Abby, Hallie and Adelynn). Bethany, always the good sport, came along for the ride and provided a great set of extra hands!