Mar 29, 2008


Mollie had her first real haircut in February. She sat still as she was beautified.

She got to wear a "tiger shirt."

She got to pick out sucker.

She got to eat it too.

Life was good.

Mar 26, 2008

Friday the 13th or March 17th?

I wish I had kissed a blarney stone earlier in the day on St. Pat's cause I had the most unlucky experience the night of the 17th. Sitting down for dinner at Brookside Grill in Sugarhouse, I wedged my finger between the seat and leg (which should have been attached and wasn't) of my metal chair and sat down. It hurt! So I pulled my finger out and left it's fingernail behind, or rather, left it dangling delicately on the tip of my finger. I didn't cry, I said a SWEAR (but just a little one). Free dinner, three stitches, an x-ray, the amputation of my fingernail, and a lollipop from Instacare. Not exactly a pot of gold.

Mollie Dolly in Her Easter Finest

Easter was so fun. Mollie loved carrying around her "Easter Bagset!" We are still patting ourselves on the back for being pretty tricky parents. First of all, at Grandma Mulcock's annual Easter Egg hunt, Mollie found about four eggs. She was fine with that, especially since we kept taking them out of her basket when she wasn't looking and rehiding them so she could find them again. I polished off her Cadbury chocolate eggs in the meantime cause my finger hurt and I deserved them. Then on Sunday morning, (we didn't buy any Easter candy) we filled her eggs with raisins and animal crackers and stickers. Mollie was happy and so were we. How many years will we get away with that? I think we are already on borrowed time.