Jan 13, 2008


Enough said.

Jan 10, 2008

Anyone who is anyone (ok, at least anyone who spent time in the Winder 11th Ward Primary during summer 2004), knows the Primary song that goes, "Here comes the Ox cart...oh....how......slow........" It's the world's slowest and most boring song (picture a pioneer ox - which is an ox with no shoes on wearing ten -make it fifteen - layers of long sleeve dresses while pulling a box-on-wheels full of of twenty polygamist children, three sickly great-aunts and one blind chicken and you'll catch my drift). The song was a hit with the kids in Primary because as the song progressed they would slowly slink, then slump, then collapse on the floor as the song literally made you feel like you were sinking into the depths of despair.

And that's how I am feeling about January 2008 so far. Oh...how...boring..... I am overexagerating of course, but we had such a great Christmas season, everything is looking so lusterless now. Sigh. Well, at least we had some good times last year, AKA, ten days ago.

Here are some pics. These are definitely limited because I forgot my camera almost everywhere I went during December.

We took Mollie snowshoeing for the first time and Aunt Emilee came along (can you see how much Mollie is enjoying it? Looks to me more like she's had too much of the ox cart song).

We took Mollie and cousin Brandon to see the Lights at the zoo.

Mollie Jane and cousin Hallie Jane -who are exactly one month apart- got to spend some quality time together (and other Caldwell cousins too).

Mollie did a whole lot of wardrobe changes...some prompted by her parents and some just cause she wanted to.

And after all the fun was over, we "shelved" 2007.**
**Yes, the line above is a pun on the video below. Hard to believe we could scrape for such a lousy end to this blog entry, I know.