Dec 8, 2007


You are about to read our very first e-Christmas letter! We started a blog this year and figured, hey, why not save some cutesy Christmas paper by posting our message online?! That way when the holidays are over and you are all cleaning out your Christmas cards, you won’t have to pause and think, "Now what in the world am I going to do with this Mulcock letter?" Instead, you will be able to read this, close your internet browser, and move into 2008 guilt-free!

Cory is still at Franklin Covey and Julie is working part-time at Jacobsen Construction. We have had many "favorites" in 2007. For starters, we moved into our first house in January. It’s been fun to do yard work, shovel snow, park not one, but TWO cars in a garage, and sit on our own roof to watch fireworks.

We’ve been able to get a fair amount of travelling in this year too. Cory went to Malta and Paris in March for work and was able to stop by and visit his brother, Kris, and his family in England on the way.

In May, we went on the maiden voyage of the Disney Magic to the Mediterranean coast for our 10th anniversary. We visited Sicily, Rome, Pompeii/Naples, Sardinia, Florence, Barcelona, Marseilles, Monaco, Nice and Cannes. Mollie was a great little traveler at nine months old and she was a hit everywhere we went. In Italy, people would literally stop us in the street and say, "Bellissima! Bellissima!" and kiss their fingers to their lips - which, like any other proud parents, was music to our ears!

In September Cory went to Los Angeles for work and Mollie, Julie, Grandpa Larry and Grandma Jackie came out for a few days to be with him. We took Mollie to Disneyland for the first time and she… had no idea and will never remember it. But we had fun! With Mollie being our first child and all, we didn’t realize how vogue it is to get pictures taken with the popular characters. We ended up with only one character picture with her and the ugly, weirdo English Lord from Pocahontas. Does he even have a name? Ugh. We are such novices.

Did I mention Mollie? Our lives pretty much revolve around our little 15-month old. We ask her over and over what a kitty says because she answers with the most demure, sweet "meow" ever heard by human ears. She can run, dance, sing and will answer "ah" (yeah) to almost anything you ask her. She is a delight and a blessing and a hoot all rolled into a little blonde doll.

It’s been such a fun year, but it woudn't mean much without the gospel of Jesus Christ. What a miracle it is that we have a Savior who is the source of peace and happiness. The things that we do in the course of a year are inconsequential to the kind of family we are striving to become. We are grateful that through the Savior we can become more than we are. We are very blessed!

We love you!

Julie, Cory and Mollie Mulcock

Dec 6, 2007

Mollie likes to put things around her wrists. We've just got to work on her fashion sense a little bit. So I guess we don't really need Santa. There are cheap thrills all over the house!