Nov 29, 2007

Now, there are many, many, many, many very important things to be grateful for at Thanksgiving time, and I am not downplaying any of those things at all, but I would like to dedicate this blog to one thing that I am grateful for. I am grateful that I have a daughter with hair. Let my future children come completely bald, because I am getting my fun in now! Remember that Barbie bust you could get as a toy in the 80's? The one with the long blonde hair that you could brush, or singe with a curling iron, or wet down with kool-aid, or pull out in big clumps? I never had that toy (but my friend did, and boy oh boy did we do a number on it!) Anyway, Mollie is like my little Barbie head. What fun! I tried out curlers for the first time on Thanksgiving to make her "pretty." What really happened is that she pulled out her curlers about 50 different times in the span of an hour, and I kept reiterating the ever-dying incentive that if she wore them she would be "pretty." Finally we took them out to reveal...Mollie as a Benjamin Franklin look-alike. So the whole endeavor didn't work so good. But she did learn to say "turkey" and "gobble-gobble," which, I hope, made people think to themselves, "Hey, this kid not only LOOKS like Benjamin Franklin, she's as SMART as he is too."

Nov 10, 2007

I just got a copy of our latest Caldwell family picture and thought I'd post it. Five sisters, three brothers-in-law, three nieces, one nephew, a mom, a dad, a Mollie and a Cory. That's the whole posse. There is nothing like a good family. I LOVE my family. I love Cory's family too, so it's a great life all around.

Hey, can anyone answer this burning question for me? Why are we always in the pursuit of all things worldly? No matter what we have we want more. I heard a story on NPR about a very young multi-millionaire who started a business and was able to retire. After living retirement for a while, he decided to start another business to see if he could make more money. I am thinking, HUH?! But it's true with me too. I have it all and yet I always want more. Do I realize that just by opening a closet full of clothes, taking a cool drink out of the fridge and turning on a light switch, I have more than 99% of the people who have EVER LIVED ON THE EARTH? So I am rich. I am wealthy. My personal fortune. I have enough.