Oct 29, 2007

Mollie thinks that jack-o-lanterns are people. This is how I know this:

1. She likes to put her hand -the whole fist- inside of my mouth. She also attempts the same feat with jack-o-lanterns.
2. You can ask her to point to specific people and she will get it 99% right. "Mollie, where is Dad?" Got it. "Mollie, where is Bethany?" Got it. "Mollie, where is Mom?" And there her finger goes to the jack-o-lantern.
3. The "mom" jack-0-lantern gets frequest hugs and kisses and lots of attention from Mollie.

Question: In what way do I resemble a pumpkin? Is there something I am missing?

Well, anyway, here we are at our ward party. Mollie's friend, Julia, is also a "fowl feathered friend." Lots of kids at the party wanted to feel Mollie's costume. One little girl couldn't stop "petting her." She's just a little ball of fluff, which is great because from what I hear, there aren't many years that your kids will let you get away with putting them in something that people just want to pet.

Oct 16, 2007

She talks. She laughs in the face of dead leaves. She likes the Utes. That's our girl Mollie!


Oct 4, 2007

Goodbye to our good friend, 1994-Kia-Sephia-with-154,000-Miles. We'll miss you. You were worth every cent of the $600 we paid for you and the $600 we sold you for about 5 hours ago. So basically, you took nothing from us and gave a whole lot of love in return. You are the Giving Car. We swung from your branches and picked your fruit and we eventually sat on you as a stump. Now you have gone to a better place. Take care, "Ox Cart."

Oct 3, 2007

This summer Mollie has been to Italy, France, Spain, Monaco and just this past Saturday...Disneyland! We did other things while in California too: went to Huntington Gardens, the beach, the pool. I think MY favorite part of our recent trip was watching her chase birds on the beach. So who needs Disneyland when you've got this?...


Tonight I am on a mission. A mission to prove that I am (or was) just as cute as my daughter Mollie. We just got back from a trip to California to be with Cory who was there for work. Anyway, I met a lot of his coworkers and all I ever heard was, "She looks just like her daddy!" "She is Cory in a dress!" "She has her daddy's (fill in the blank)!" Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada. I got to feeling left out of the Cory look alike club. So today when I picked up Mollie's one year pictures from the photographer, I had this eerie feeling that I had seen this sort of thing before. And Sweet Victory! I went home and found this picture of me at 1 year old or thereabouts. Eat your heart out....the only difference between me and Mollie is the hair. She definitely came out ahead (no pun intended) in that department.