Jul 19, 2007

My Warm Fuzzies (In No Particular Order)
By Julie Mulcock

A warm car on a cold day, reading a good book, Cory's laugh, Mollie's smell, singing Gershwin songs in the car, creating something, sunshine, kids laughing hysterically, seven layer dip, a new haircut, a long bath, learning something new, surviving pain, my patriarchal blessing, a baby bottom, answer to a prayer, sisters, finishing a project, being thanked, lunch with a friend, having people over, a baby inside, the oven light at 3:00 a.m., new shoes, my Savior, talking to mom, Mollie waking up from sleeping, holding on to Cory's arm, making a flight, a good cry.

July 4th, 2007. Silver Lake, Brighton, UT.

Jul 18, 2007

Ok. Ok. I guess I (me, Julie, being the brains of this operation) am just catching up from a long life of not blogging. I think this blogginess is going to be akin to me reading a really, really good book...I just can't stop. Anyway, it's the second post for the day. I was just reviewing pictures and thought, since 99.999% of the viewers of this website will be related to me, it was only fair that I brought them into the storyline, you know, introduced them as characters in the book of our lives (oh, the cheesiness). So following are the latest family pics of the Mulcocks and the Caldwell cousins. The Caldwell family picture will be forthcoming since it was just taken. (Let's be honest here, no one really cares what I write, right? It's the potential looksie at pictures that brought you here today anyway.)

Here are the Mulcocks, circa April 2007:

And Mollie and her cousins on the Caldwell side, circa July 2007:

A little video of Mollie showcasing her muscial abilities is posted here, if you can bear the ridiculously foolish baby talk from me.

Mollie gettin' down - recorder style

Jul 17, 2007

Yesterday was such a cool day for the us. Mollie achieved two important milestones: took two steps on her own and....played a tune on the recorder. I use "tune" loosely because it really consisted of one note being blown continously, without any definitive rhythmn, and it was sometimes punctuated with a few whacks against a chair, wall or floor (which was sheer genius). When the "note" didn't come out just right, drool dripped very melodically from the end of the recorder while she hummed in the top. It was a masterpiece, if I must say so. We all did a lot of clapping yesterday.

Oh, and we discovered that Mollie has another talent. Someone (Ang the Aunt) taught her to blow kisses. Only we didn't know that so each night when we have been putting her to bed, she has waved "nigh-night" and then done this interesting thing by putting her palm to her mouth and making some sort of indian war cry. That, loosely interpretted, is Mollie's way of blowing kisses. I personally prefer that method to the one where she opens her mouth as wide as possible and attaches to your face like a sucker fish.

Jul 15, 2007

Aboard our Disney Cruise ship somewhere in the Meditteranan - June 2007

Wow, we're published. Now that we are bloggable we feel a strange obligation to write minute-by-minute play by plays about our lives. Today one of us probably had oatmeal for breakfast and one of us probably spent a ridiculous amount of time choosing a pair of shoes to wear. Or not-to-wear. All of this probably went down while strains of itsy-bitsy-spider drifted in the background. What can we say? We are are super-ordinary. So just to make it official, we'll throw in some super-ordinary-hero language along the way. Here's to a great start as bloggers.